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This is one of the lineages, or classes, available in The Black Death.


Once slave to lords and ladies, you we're tasked with providing food and supplies on a daily basis but no longer! Now that plague has put Mercia into a state of emergency you are released of your duties. Use your prior experience to your benefit. Supplies are rare and you have the advantage to effectively gather, mine and cultivate what's desperately needed in time of a great famine and poverty. Peasant class opens Hunter, Merchant or Militia class.


Peasant starts with 45 weight limit.

Peasant skill tree:

  • Novice Farmer (1) : Stone Sickle and Small Animal Feed
  • Wood Axe Crafter (2): Iron Wood Axe
  • Pickaxe Crafter (2):Iron Pickaxe
  • Expert Farmer (2): Iron Sickle and Large Animal Feed
  • Shovel Crafter (2): Iron Shovel
  • Fishing Pole Crafter (2): Wooden Fishing Rod
  • Iron Smith (1): Iron Ingot
  • Novice Swordsmith (3) :Iron Sword
  • Novice Armorer (3): Gambeson and Padded Leg Armor
  • Wheat Grinder (1): Flour
  • Novice Baker (1): Bread Roll
  • Novice Cook (2): Porridge
  • Expert Jam Maker (2): Strawberry Jam
  • Expert Baker (2): Raspberry Pie
  • Novice Bowyer (3): Flatbow
  • Tanner (1): Leather
  • Bone Crafter (1): Bone Dagger
  • Basic Tailor (2): Peasant's Tunic and Wicker Hat
  • Leather Textile Worker (2): Leather Gloves
  • Furnace Builder (2): Furnace Housing kit
  • Anvil Crafter (2): Anvil Housing kit
  • Oven Builder (2): Oven Building kit
  • Stone Mill Builder (2): Stone Mill Housing kit
  • Churner Constructor (2): Churner Housing kit
  • Tannery Consturctor (2): Tannery Housing kit